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Heartbreak Town

1.   Heartbreak Town
2.   My Blue Tears
3.   Half Of This & Half Of That
4.   Gramp's Tune
5.   Lady
6.   Love Without Walls
7.   Sweetest Gift
8.   Letter Edged In Black
9.   Crime Of The Century
10. Golden Rocket

The Right Combination (With Erin Hay)

1.   The Right Combination
2.   If I'm Not Already Crazy
3.   Are You Teasing Me
4.   All Love Needs
5.   Making Plans
6.   If Teardrops Were Pennies
7.   His And Hers
8.   Dying Side Of Love
9.   Troubadour
10. If I'd Left It Up To You
11. For A Minute There
12. Waiting For Sunny Days

Perley Curtis

1.   Getting Used To Losing You
2.   California Blues
3.   I Just Drove By
4.   Home From The Forest
5.   I Wouldn't Change A Thing
6.   Bringing Mary Home
7.   Sweet Liberty
8.   Making Plans (Duet with Erin Hay)
9.   Rise And Fall Of A Honky Tonk Hero
10. Sail On
11. I'll Be Your Stepping Stone
12. Sister Golden Hair 

At This Moment

1.   Hold What You Got (Duet with Rhonda Vincent)
2.   I'll Break Out Again Tonight
3.   Jimmy's Hands
4.   I Know All About Her
5.   If You Think You've Reached The Bottom
6.   You Make Life So Beautiful
7.   If You Want To Be My Woman
8.   If I'm Not Already Crazy (Duet With Erin Hay)
9.   I Pray We All Make It Home (Featuring Larry
At This Moment

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